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Set of 5 N95 Mask (White)

Set of 5 N95 Mask (White)

 24-hours Surface Protection Shield Spray- 250 ml (Pack of 2 ) - Dr Rhazes

24-hours Surface Protection Shield Spray- 250 ml (Pack of 2 ) - Dr Rhazes

Concentrated Vegetable & Fruit Wash to Kill Viruses and Bacteria (500 ml) - Dr Rhazes

  • Removes wax, pesticides, germs, dirt and chemicals from fruit and vegetable surface
  • Kills virus and bacteria
  • Made from 100% food-grade ingredients
  • pH balanced without any SLS/SLES cleaning agents
  • Helps retain freshness
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You might be rinsing your vegetables and fruits in water before cooking. But is that enough? Today, vegetables and fruits may contain viruses, bacteria, formalin, pesticides, fertilisers, chemicals and wax. Hence, it is essential to clean them with a specialised cleanser. Dr Rhazes Vegetable & Fruit Wash not only removes formalin, wax, pesticides, chemicals, dirt and other impurities but also kills viruses and bacteria, in just a few minutes of soaking. Ensuring that your fresh produce is completely clean before you consume or cook. Dr Rhazes Vegetable and Fruit Wash is made from 100% food-grade ingredients. It is pH balanced without any SLS/SLES cleaning agents. It does not affect the taste of vegetables and fruits and helps retain their freshness and extends their shelf life. Once washed, you can be rest assured that you are eating nothing but the safest and cleanest vegetables and fruits. Designed and developed in Singapore. Made in India.

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Brand: Dr. Rhazes

Direction of use: Add a spoonful of the concentrated wash into 1 litre of water. Soak the vegetables or fruits for five minutes and rub gently and rinse them in running water for about 30-40 seconds.

Content: 500 ml

  • Delivery timeline - 7 days
  • Please note -  Delivery could get delayed in some locations due to the lockdowns and Covid restrictions‌